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You Have Braces...Now What?

You are officially on the road to straighter teeth.  What's next?  Wearing braces does not need to significantly impact your daily living.  However, there are things you should consider when eating and playing, to keep your braces and your mouth safe.

Eating with braces
​Due to the brackets and wires in your mouth during treatment, there are some foods you should avoid eating:  Any food that is chewy or hard to bite would fall into this category.  Nuts, apples, carrots, chewing gum, candy, and corn on the cob are all popular foods that should be modified or removed from your diet while wearing braces.

Will Braces Hurt?
​There will be some discomfort with braces when you first get them.  Your lips, cheeks,tongue and teeth will be tender.  This is normal and your mouth will adjust.  Until then try to eat soft foods and ease the pain with some Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  If you have trouble easing the discomfort call our office.  

​During your treatment you will have regular appointments for adjustments to your wires and/or brackets.  However, every now and then a wire may come loose.  If this happens call our office to schedule an appointment to come in.  In the meantime you can put wax at the end of the wire to avoid poking your mouth.  

*​Damaged appliances can lengthen the time of your treatment.  Make sure you follow these simple rules to stay on track and stay comfortable during your process to a great smile!